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The Collins College of Hospitality Management is the incubator for the future of California. I truly believe that.

Caroline BetetaVisit California, President & CEO

We applaud, from the industry perspective, what The Collins College does in the beginning process of grooming the next generation of talent. We have a lot of exciting things happening ahead. We need the talent being groomed to help us grow.

Alan FuerstmanMontage Hotels & Resorts, Founder

The landscape of the hospitality industry is changing rapidly and we’re gonna need young educated leaders to step forward and deal with new challenges. And that’s where The Collins College of Hospitality Management comes in to play. Many of its graduates have flourished in this type of environment and their accomplishments are a great source of pride to their school and their families.

Tom SimmsMimi's Cafe, Founder

What Collins College is doing for its students, providing great career opportunities, is a blessing for all of us. Countless personal stories are inspiring of how they help so many succeed in their chosen field. We come here to raise money for such a great cause, such a great school, and to really give back to our industry.

Robert D. OlsonR.D. Olson Development

I really want to thank The Collins College for the honor of receiving this award tonight.

Larry ShupnickInterstate Hotels & Resorts

This is such an honor because Cal Poly Pomona's hospitality college is the premiere program.

Gary EberleEberle Winery