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Robert Mondavi Wine and Food Award

The Robert Mondavi Wine and Food Award is the focal point of the night and receives much fanfare. The award is steeped in tradition at The Collins College of Hospitality Management and is given with great appreciation to individuals whose vision and leadership have advanced the wine and food industry.

In 1999, The Collins College of Hospitality Management honored Margrit and Robert Mondavi at the school’s 6th annual Harvest Auction at the Tournament of Roses House in Pasadena for their vision and leadership in the American wine industry. In order to make a lasting homage to their impact on the industry, the college named the award on their behalf and bestows the prestigious honor upon influential industry icons each year while raising support for students.

Past Award RecipientsPast Award Recipients
Graphic image of a trophy
The award features a base resembling the letter “M” inspired by Robert Mondavi, the inaugural recipient. The supportive base portion visually represents the concept of upholding the most integral value for the hospitality industry, which is to instinctively put the needs of others before one’s self.
Topped by a wine decanter shaped glass form, the design demonstrates the values of the hospitality industry, which transcend from mere service to a natural and sincere relationship between two parties: a host and their guest.